Task 1.3: Evaluation of fisheries induced evolution

This task will provide a comprehensive overview of traits that (a) are likely to be affected by fisheries-induced evolution and (b) have implications for a stock's recovery potential. The available evidence for fisheries-induced evolution both in the wild and in the lab, with particular reference to the expected effects on recovery potential, will be synthesised. The existing models combining sufficient ecological and genetic detail will be reviewed, their merits summarized, and the most promising approaches highlighted. One such model, parameterised for Northeast Arctic cod, is currently under investigation. Comparable models for several prototypic life-history types will be developed in order to gain general insights into the likelihood, direction, and rate of evolutionary changes hampering stock recovery. In addition, models for specific stocks for which recovery plans have been devised or are under discussion will be developed and parameterised.
The specific areas of investigation are:

  1. Traits affected by fisheries-induced evolution;
  2. Empirical evidence for fisheries-induced evolution;
  3. Models for understanding and predicting fisheries-induced evolution;
  4. Management measures dealing with fisheries-induced evolution.